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Things to Know About Royal Mail Tracking

Royal Mail is the UK based Universal Postal Service Provider that serves communities, businesses, and customers all over the country. You can rely on this company for budget- friendly and reliable mail delivery over 29 million addresses within the UK. Stats reveal that more than 7 million people are currently using Royal Mail for a unique integrated parcel tracking service.

  1. Royal Mail Tracking:

    Royal Mail is the world’s oldest public delivery service that was established by King Henry VII in 1516. At that time, this mail service relied on horse riders to carry documents and packages between cities and towns. The service at that time was mainly used for the aristocracy and court needs.

    However, with years of uninterrupted services, Royal Mail has now become the world’s number one parcel delivery service. The system these days is supported by the latest technologies, and it is possible to maintain compete track of parcels sent.

    In short, individuals and businesses can ensure extra peace of mind and complete security for their mail tracking and that too at an affordable price.

  2. Royal Mail tracking number format:

    The most common format of Royal Mail Tracking Number is basically a unique combination of 13 digit numerical and alphabetic characters. The series usually start with two alphabets that are further followed by nine digits; however, the last two digits are again alphabets. The most common format is AZ123456789GB. However, few other options include random distribution of alphabets and numbers like 010G9084HJ6583N0.

  3. How to Track Royal Mail?

    The parcel tracking can be done by using the reference number of each parcel or letter sent via this service. You can enter this number into the specific field on the online tracking tool and initiate a search. The screen will soon display all essential details about location and delivery estimates of your package. It is also possible to turn on instant messages for getting notified about delivery status.

    You will be happy to hear that tracking service is not limited to UK based parcels only, one can keep complete details about international packages as well. The website can help you to track all parcels to ensure complete safety on the way.

  4. How to Open Dispute Royal Mail?

    You can complain to the service providers at Royal Mail if you receive damaged or opened parcels. They will take care of the entire issue. Make sure you keep the package as evidence to proceed with the case; in case if the item is also damaged, that must be kept as well. It is possible to contact the customer service team via phone and email as well.

    One can also expect a quicker response via Twitter.

  5. I Lost My Parcel, what to do?

    Royal Mail follows a trustworthy and reliable compensation policy for lost parcels. It covers all 1 st class, and 2 nd class stamped parcels and those sent via online postage. The policy applies for parcels that are handled by Royal Mail only; the services don’t qualify for third party postal operator. You can report your lost package to the customer support team online with all essential details about the parcel.

  6. Where Do I Find My Tracking Number?

    There are so many places where you can get your tracking number, few of them are listed below:

    • Shipping receipt that you get from the post office.
    • Sales receipt for Royal Mail parcel tracking available from Post Office.
    • Email confirmation when package is shipped via Royal Mail.
    • Shipping confirmation email that is provided by online retailer.
    • Bottom peel-off portion of Royal Mail Tracing label.

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